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The power of community should never be underestimated.  You see it all across the world, every day.  People helping people overcome natural disasters, violence, disease, the list goes on.  Our community is something we always had but never understood until Piper’s diagnosis.  But every day since then, our community has shown up, for her, and for us. Now we understand.

When we were strapped for a venue, my sister used the power of community to ask for help.  She posted our request on local forums and within hours we had people at the ready, offering help although they had never met us.

United Elite Cheerleading offered their spacious gym. The Enchanted Paintbrush offered time and great talent to paint faces.  MICI Handcrafted Italian prepared 20 delicious pizzas.  Jenny’s Haute Cakes created a work of art I never imagined possible.  C. Roese Ramp lent her unparalleled photography skills to document the day.  Victory Love + Cookies baked up 80 amazing treats to send home with guests.

All of these people, all of this help, was given free of charge.  Given by good people because they care; because they saw our plight and wanted to support Piper. But help is such a small word – what these businesses gave and what we received was so much greater than that.

The side effects of Piper’s chemo may have kept her from fully enjoying the day like she would have pre-DIPG, but nothing can keep this ray of sunlight down for long.  Having this party meant the universe to her.  That nearly 100 people made her celebration part of their Saturday was pure magic.

Additionally, this month we were able to raise just over $4,000 dollars for The Cure Starts Now, so they may continue to fund critical cancer research. On Giving Tuesday, we started a campaign in Piper’s name that generated $2,535 dollars in four days.  That figure included 20% of Warrior bracelet sales to-date, which amounted to $1,000, including the largest single order from Meadows Family Dentistry who, in addition to being great people and a great practice, generously purchased bracelets for their staff. Victory Love + Cookies donated 100% of store proceeds last Saturday, raising an impressive $689.  They saw more traffic that day than they did before Thanksgiving.  And for Piper’s birthday party, another $778 was donated.

Piper may not entirely understand this at four years old, but that contribution to research is her gift to other children. None of this would have been possible without our community-turned-Warriors working together toward a common goal. One that presently brings a smile to Piper’s face, but in the future, brings about long-ignored change for children with DIPG.

Thank you with everything we have for supporting Piper, a girl certainly worth fighting for.