Piper the Princess Warrior

Piper Waneka is four years old. She’s beautiful. She’s smart. She’s sweet. She likes warrior princesses, making crafts, and baking cookies. She thinks everything looks better in pink and is not afraid to tell you so. She’s amazing, and she’s brought nothing but joy to the world.

But Piper’s world has changed forever. On June 12, 2017, she was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG), an inoperable and incurable tumor in her brainstem. DIPG is a rare and aggressive cancer that occurs only in children. It robs its child sufferers of their abilities to walk, talk, smile, and control all parts of their bodies before it prevents them from eating, drinking, and breathing. DIPG has always been, and continues to be, the most deadly form of cancer ever discovered. Kids with it live a median of nine months after diagnosis.

Today, a child with DIPG has no greater chance of survival, and no new treatment options than did a child with DIPG in 1960. While almost every other form of childhood and adult cancer has benefitted from new treatment modalities and vastly improved survival rates over this time, DIPG has not. It should not be this way. Part of the problem lies with pharmaceutical companies who cannot make a profit from treating a disease that affects just 150-300 kids in the U.S. per year. Another part of the problem is doctors and researchers who see little hope or glory in trying to find a cure for a cancer that nobody has survived (thanks, however, are owed to those who are still trying). By far the biggest part of the problem lies with research funding. Of all the national funding available for cancer research, just four percent goes to childhood cancers, and DIPG gets just a tiny fraction of that four percent. The result is an unacceptable lack of progress in fighting this deadly disease over the last half-century.

Here at #WarriorsforPrincessPiper, we want to show Piper that we care. We wear our sparkly pink bracelets to let her know that she is stronger than she could have ever imagined, and that we are all on her side. 20% of proceeds from bracelet sale profits will go to support The Cure Starts Now and their efforts toward curing DIPG. The remainder will go to Piper and her family to help her live like the princess she deserves to be.




We are Warriors for Princess Piper.

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Photography by: Roese Photography, Michaela Joy Photography, Darlene Lynn Photography, and Little Nest Photography, Fairytale Experiences, and Norwood Foto

Arvada, Colorado, USA